Renters Insurance

Benefits of Renters Insurance

Renters need renters insurance to protect their personal belongings. It also helps by providing liability coverage. Renters insurance provides this security should the worse case scenario occur.

This policy covers you following specific damages or losses. For example, if your property is damaged in a fire, then a renters policy would help you repair or replace your belongings. Clothes, furniture, electronics and other valuables are considered personal property. You will also receive assistance if your items are stolen.

Some policies also offer loss of use assistance. That’s when you must move out of your space for a limited amount of time. This provides living expenses for a short period of time. Renters policies also provide liability coverage. This will help if someone is injured in your space or if your pet bites someone.

Most renters assume their landlord’s insurance deal with liability and property damage. But the landlord isn’t responsible for the tenants. As a renter, you must have your own insurance coverage for property damage and liability. Most renters insurance polices are reasonably priced. Speak with an insurance agent for more information.