Business Insurance

Business Insurance – A Necessary Investment

Ideally, your business should have business insurance before your first day of operation. It’s smart from a legal standpoint, and insurance is your best protection against everything from lawsuits to natural disasters.

The Basics of Business Coverage

Good business insurance protects your company against certain financial losses. A basic policy includes coverage for theft, vandalism, fires, wind damage, and falling objects. And if you have liability, then you’ll receive financial assistance in the event of a lawsuit. But you can get coverage beyond that provided by a basic policy.

What is Professional and Product Liability Coverage?

Professional liability insurance is for when someone sues you for doing an improper job. This coverage is for certain professionals, such as lawyers, consultants, and other professionals who offer services. And product liability is for when someone sues you because of a faulty product.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is for vehicles used in the operation of your business. Even if the driver has insurance, that won’t apply to a vehicle driven for business purposes. You need commercial coverage for issues such as property damage, lawsuits, and personal injuries.

Umbrella Coverage Insurance

Umbrella insurance isn’t mandatory, but you might find it beneficial. This policy provides additional coverage for liability issues. When your basic policy is exhausted, then umbrella insurance pays any remaining costs up to its limits. This coverage can help protect your business assets.