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Leadership & Industry Expertise ::: Tory Tarsitano, CRMS is Executive Vice President Capital Financial Group Tory has been in the mortgage business for almost two decades and is one of Chicagoland’s most respected and trusted mortgage professionals. Tory is committed to closing each home loan he writes on time and will go to great lengths to make sure it happens. His personal production throughout the growth of the company is a direct reflection of the type of role model he hopes to continue to be for his team. He believes that prioritizing his employees and his business partners adds to his overall service, production, and his success. Tory strives to set the tone for quality, integrity and proven results to create a team that will continue to prosper.  Over the past few years, Tory helped develop his company’s “Going Green” initiative, a “Free Home Ownership Mortgage Benefit Program” for business-to-business mortgage lending and the “Union Advantage” mortgage program - for union members and families.  His goal is to continue to create opportunities for his team to continue to gain more market share - while helping families obtain the goal of homeownership.   

Achievements & Accomplishments ::: Tory has achieved CRMS (Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist) designation which means Tory is determined to secure his customers and business partners trust. In order to achieve this goal, NAMB has developed a rigorous certification program to recognize brokers who have attained the highest levels of professional knowledge. Developed through extensive research by mortgage industry professionals, a NAMB certification is gained only once the candidate has met certain requirements of experience and knowledge to practice mortgage brokering and has passed a written examination.  When combined with our code of ethics and best business practices, a NAMB certified mortgage broker is your guarantee that you are dealing with a recognized professional in the mortgage origination field.    He earns his business from referrals and word of mouth and has grown his company by 200% in the past five years. Most recently, Tory received the honor of one of The Top 40 Mortgage Professionals Under 40 by the The National Mortgage Professional Magazine. Capital Financial was also twice awarded Mortgage Company of the Year by the Illinois Association of Mortgage Professionals, nominated National Mortgage Broker of the Year, and awarded Lending Champion of the Year by the Chicago Metro Real Estate Magazine. Tory’s company has remained “complaint free” with the Better Business Bureau since their inception.  

 Why Work with Tory ::: First and foremost, Tory believes in strong ethics and the needs of my clients first.  I keep my standards and education high with both local and nationally.  I served on the Illinois Association of Mortgage Professional’s Education Foundation Board and this allowed me to stay at the forefront of industry news and trends.  My company goals are centered on longevity and always improving the industry and showing that there is a much-needed place for companies like ours.   He is always educating his clientele so they understand what they are doing and understand their mortgage. My goal is to educate my clients, forecasting for the future and their overall financial situation - so that they don’t make a mistake taking a loan product that satisfies only an immediate “quick fix”. It is not only about where my client is at right now - but where they are going in the future. I take pride in the fact that we will not recommend just any loan. Even if the client goes elsewhere - we always keep our door open to educate them and point out all the pros and cons even if we don’t do the mortgage ourselves. Education of an informed decision is paramount. - With the highest level of ethics and integrity.

Tory Tarsitano
Executive Vice President
NMLS #146166

1699 E Woodfield Rd Suite 450

Schaumburg, IL 60173

Phone: (847) 944-1470